Discover the whimsical world of #Smalltalk through its playful and colourful illustrations & geometrics. Perfect for nursery room, kid's bedroom or play room.
The memories of a mysterious man whose desire was to capture the beauties of the world, searching for the unseen & undiscovered.  Knowing different people & learning about different cultures.
A collection of vintage floral illustrations, reshaped and mixed, creating a world full of colours and joy.
Absorbing and drawing inspiration from the exotic habitats of the Carribean, our new tropical collection exudes of green lush and incredible colours. 
In collaboration with the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, we're delighted to bring these reproductions & re-engineered designs of Van Gogh's original artworks in new ways.
Interior Affairs is Art Deco with a twist, inspired by the heady days of the 20’s and 30’s. Imagine a sleek hotel lobby, sweeping staircases leading to a jazz-filled bar, or the hedonistic lifestyle on a luxury cruise liner.
MINDTHEGAP// Beautiful Mind
Math scribbles, technical drawings, periodic table of chemistry elements, astronomical drawings. This collection will remind you the beautiful minds of famous scientists. 
MINDTHEGAP// Seafood Story
Enjoy our way to celebrate seafood and reinvent your kitchen walls with one of this traditional style wallpapers. Made in Transylvania, Romania.
MINDTHEGAP// American Sixties
Exciting mix of fabulous designs inspired by the 60s pop culture era in America: vintage ads, pin-ups, sci-fi comics & pop-art graphics. Made in Transylvania, Romania.  
MINDTHEGAP// Tropical Vibes
A flamboyant wallpaper collection. Palm fronds, exotic fruits & tropical foliage give you an instant holiday vibe. Made in Transylvania, Romania.
Finlayson is a Finnish textile manufacturer, founded in 1820. Here, we bring you its classic & famous patterns such as Coronna (1958), Taimi (1961) & Elefantti (1969). Nostalgic but also timeless. Made in Japan.
Shabby Chic
Think of delicate pastel palettes and sweet patterns, mostly florals with subtle design. It gives you a light and airy feel. Made in Japan.
Wood & Concrete
This collection offers an effortless way to create natural textured look of wooden/ bamboo planks and concrete surfaces. Made in Japan.
Bricks & Stones
This collection offers an effortless way to create natural textured look of bricks and stones. Made in Japan.
Intenz is inspired by big cities and architectural forms. It combines graphic prints with metallic luster effects. The layering and the different structures creates a beautiful relief. 
Elegant lace, playful embroidery and lush floral motifs; combined with contemporary blue-gray & powdery pastel shades will give each room a special rich touch.
The Caravaggio collection takes you to a baroque era, in which exuberant designs, paintings and beautiful fabrics created a rich ambiance.
Luxurious collection inspired by the elegant floral motifs from the past. It looks stylish, romantic and somewhat retro.
When ‘time’ & ‘elements’ join forces, they give true character to all kinds of materials; from concrete, wood to newspaper. Timeless yet up-to-date.
Gardens of Amsterdam
Designed by Annet van Egmond, it is defined by artisan elements: stucco ornaments, wrought-iron fences, etc. Traditional & luxurious at the same time.
Shadows on the Wall
Designed by Annet van Egmond, it revolves around the themes of ‘fashionable’, ‘sensual’ and ‘romantic’. Mostly inspired by Coco Chanel.
The designers found inspiration in tactile effects and architectural shapes. Although linear, the design has a degree of playfulness.
The combination of structures, gentle silhouettes and nature-inspired colours, makes this collection looks so pure, subtle and soothing.
As the name suggests, this collection gives a sense of happiness. Its floral, swirl & checkered patterns are somehow feminine yet a little bit childish.
Birds of Ibiza
Available in 2 versions: full color & sephia tone, Birds of Ibiza instantly creates exotique tropical mood in every space. Amazing details in its texture.
Whether it’s wildlife or woodland, Neo is all about nature. Look out for its zebra stripes, elephant hide & alligator skin! Clever prints mix with textured surfaces.